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Olla Stool III

Olla Stool III


Made from endemic pine wood in the region and hand-painted by Hector Gallegos and Laura Bugarini, potters from Mata Ortiz, Olla Stool III is a modern reinterpretation of the ceramic vessels, known as "ollas," found in the archaeological area.

  • Especificaciones Técnicas

    • Materiales: Madera de pino lijada a mano, intervención con pintura.

    • Dimensiones: 40x40x50cm (15.7x15.7x19.6 inch)

    • 100% Hecho en México

  • Product Care

    Do not place in high-humidity areas, direct sun or outdoors. Use mild cleaners with a microfiber cloth to avoid causing paint damage.

  • About the Collection

    Through a dialogue between past and present, Paquime Collection explores how a civilization's cultural and historical legacy can be safeguarded through contemporary design. The creative minds behind Brera Studio, originally from the State of Chihuahua, aim to showcase their state heritage. The pieces focus their fabrication on achieving impeccable details and quality. Each piece links to a different community of artisans, potters, weavers, and sculptors.


    Through the emotions that each piece awakens, this collection offers a dialogue between the features shared between cultural heritage and contemporary design since both reflect the concerns, advances, and questions of human existence.